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Every successful organization has a dynamic workplace culture, which is often led by an effective leader.

It is important to understand that workplace culture is not only about the behavior of its employees but also about the values the organization believes in.

It is how people interact with each other and function in an organization when no one is watching them.

As an HR manager, you want to provide your employees with whatever they need to deliver great work. Having a positive workplace culture is the first step to helping your employees stay happy and productive at work.

Here are a few ways to create a positive workplace culture in your organization.

Establish Trust

As a leader, it is important for you to build a trustworthy relationship with your employees. When your employees trust you, they believe in your decisions. But trust is not something that you can gain overnight; you have to earn it over time with conscious effort.

Keep the lines of communication open with your employees and align your behavior with your company’s values. It is important to be honest with your employees even when you know that the truth is not what they want to hear. Being a leader, you should be ready to communicate the bitter facts with your employees and motivate them to correct themselves. Acknowledge your own mistakes, this helps you build a culture of accountability. This goes a long way towards building trust.

Determine The Current Culture

Before you create a positive workplace culture, it is important to determine and acknowledge the current company culture. As a business leader, your perspective of organizational culture might be completely different from your employees’ perspective of the same.

Have open discussions with your employees from different departments and determine the current company culture. If you still need help to understand the current culture in your company, hire a consultant.

Define The Ideal Workplace Culture

Before you shape the existing culture in your company, define the ideal qualities that you want to integrate with your company culture. There is no workplace culture that fits every organization, different companies have different priorities. So, define your ideal workplace culture based on the vision you have for your company.

Communicate the idea of ideal workplace culture with your team/ employees and develop proper policies & procedures to help you get started.

Set Clear Expectations And Goals

Most companies do not communicate their mission and vision clearly with their workforce. Employees should clearly understand what’s important and what’s not. As a manager/ leader, it is your responsibility to set clear goals for them and make them understand how their personal goals can contribute to the organizational success.

Make them realize how their work experience can be enhanced when they meet these goals. This creates transparency in the workplace culture.

Measure Goals And Give Feedback Frequently

The next step after setting goals is to regularly measure them and give feedback. If you want to achieve a goal, then monitor progress. It is said that monitoring progress frequently increases the chances of successfully meeting your goals.

Giving feedback regularly helps your employees align their performance with the organizational culture. This, in turn, improves the quality of work at your workplace and helps your employees stay productive.

Recognize And Reward Good Work

Workplace culture is not just about changing the behavior of your workforce; it is about how you act at your workplace. Appreciate and reward great work. Employees have busy schedules and a list of tasks that they have to finish before deadlines. So, when employees perform beyond their expectations, as a leader, recognize what they’ve done and rewarded them.

This is the first step towards a positive workplace culture where good work is recognized. This behavior boosts employees and motivates them to perform better in the future.

Develop Employees

When you monitor an employee’s performance, as a manager/ leader, you should be able to help them perform better the next time. Establish a culture of continuous learning in your organization. There are plenty of Learning Management Systems online that can help you build this culture.

Conduct one-on-one meetings with your employees and give them suggestions using which they can develop their skills and improve themselves. When employees get used to this continuous learning culture, they are more likely to contribute to organizational success.

Focus On Employee Engagement

There is one more aspect that is very important to shape a positive workplace culture – employee engagement. With some kind of stressful work day in and day out, employee disengagement is a common issue at workplaces these days. As a manager, you have to find a way to keep your employees happy and engaged at work.

Many companies organize various employee engagement activities to increase employee engagement in their workplace. The success of an engagement activity does not always hinge on the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. For an activity to work, all you need is planning, flexibility, and participation!

Focusing on employee engagement helps you understand your employees and create a culture, which aligns with the individual values of the employees as well as the organizational values.

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